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Sewame Paris Paper Facial Masks

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Awhile ago, I had someone purchase some Sewame Paris paper facial masks for me on a trip to Asia because my skin has been acting up (when does it not?). They were found at Watson's and apparently dirt cheap...approximately $1 USD for a pack of 4 (but don't quote me on that).
I was given 3 different kinds: the VINCH Spring Refreshing and Moisturizing Facial Mask, the Clear White Radiance Renewal Mask, and the Shining and Whitening Sleep Promotion Facial Mask. The first two each came in a box of three, and the Sleep Promotion Mask came in a box of four. However, judging from Sasa, they also seem to come in packs of 7...wish I had the bigger packs, but oh well!

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I couldn't find photos of these specific masks online for the longest time but now carries them. They also have a version called Whitening and Moisturizing Essence Mask, which has received much better reviews than the Clear White Radiance Renewal Mask. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to try it, but I plan to check it out as soon as I run out, and it's so cheap anyway (7 masks for $8.30) so it won't do much damage to the wallet. They also have several other masks, including a Face Slimming QQ one, if you're interested in anti-aging properties. I also tried one Whitening and Firming Essence Mask, I thought it was very similar to the Clear White Radiance Renewal Mask, but with thicker and more essence (it was dripping off the mask!).

For the price, I don't think you can really go wrong with these masks. They may not be as high quality as the more expensive brands, but they still work, and are cheap enough to use on a daily basis. Once a week after showering and toning, I peel open one of these and lay motionless on my bed for 20 minutes while the mask does its work. The masks are thickly soaked with essence, and the fabric Sewame uses is highly absorbent, so the mask retains a lot of essence without dripping all over the place. One thing I dislike is the way the mask was designed. There are a lot of slits all over the mask supposedly to help you adjust it to your face shape and keep it in place, but the slits actually cause the mask to slip awkwardly and fold over and under itself. It also makes it harder to massage your face while keeping the mask on.

After lying on my bed for almost half an hour, I take the mask off and massage the remaining essence on my face into my skin. I then squeeze the mask really hard to get all the leftover essence out, which I use to rub onto my neck, decolletage, arms, and legs. I don't apply any body lotion to the rest of my body afterwards, but I follow up on my face and neck with moisturizer. If your skin is dry, you can use facial oil or a thick cream; if you have oily or combination oily skin you can probably simply follow up with a gel moisturizer. The next morning after I wake up, my skin still has the thick, moist protective barrier from the mask essence over it, and when I rinse it off, my skin feels super soft and silky.

What I've noticed is that each Sewame mask has a different effect. The Clear White Radiance Renewal mask didn't leave my skin feeling super tight or sticky, like the Kanebo masks I've tried before--the essence had a soft and silky after effect. Thus, I didn't have to bother with rinsing my face to get rid of that sticky serum feeling, so this one is perfect for using prior to going out or applying makeup if you don't want to use it before bed. Also, I liked the fit on this one best--it was much easier to put on and adjust position on my face. On the other hand, the other two are definitely designed to be used in the evening. They left a very sticky after-sensation that I didn't particularly care for, but since I was going straight to bed after application I didn't mind so much.

Our of the three, my least favorite is the VINCH Spring Refreshing and Moisturizing Facial Mask. It's supposed to be the most hydrating and contain 30 ml of natural warm spring essence and micro minerals, but I actually didn't see much results with it. It was also extremely sticky. Blegh.

However, I definitely liked the Clear White Renewal Radiance Mask, and the Shining and Whitening Sleep Promotion Facial Mask as well. The latter was the only scented mask out of the three, but it smelled absolutely AMAZING--exactly like creamy, strawberry pocky with a tiny hint of lavender. I was so tempted to stuff the mask into my mouth but then I remembered it wasn't food. I haven't had Pocky in a couple months, and I'm going to NYC tomorrow, so the first thing I'm going to buy is several boxes of Chocolate and Strawberry Pocky. Mmm.
Anyway, in all seriousness, these two masks had a slight brightening effect on my skin after use, I thought. However, my skin isn't super pale, so it might've been more noticeable on my complexion--I think the brightening will vary from person to person. At any rate, I recommend these two out of the three that I've tried--and at such an awesome price, you can't really say no!


heartofpearl ♡ said...

wow that's unbelievably cheap and would be good for weekly or more than once a week users! if i lay motionless in bed for 20mins id fall asleep haha x

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

this looks so interesting! will look out for it next time i visit china, thanks for the review :)

Anonymous said...

yea. my sister bought me some when she came back from china. i absolutely love them, especially the whitening and moisturizing mask. i have been searching for these in the states (California) for the longest time now.

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