Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Back from NYC for April madness

Just got back from NYC on Monday! My skin broke out like crazy while I was there, but I had tons of fun. School is getting pretty hectic now, and I have to diligently increase my effort on the job front, so I'll probably be updating less. But I will still have reviews, so please follow my blog and keep visiting!

Random things:

- Realized that I know how to navigate the NYC subway more than I thought I did. Managed not to get lost, though I don't own an iPhone or any sort of map!
- Was not happy when a clueless woman dropped a bottle of Sephora by OPI at the Columbus Circle store, shattering it all over my feet and recently purchased black skinny jeans, and then ran away from me without offering to help clean it up. WTF woman?!?!?! I at least deserve a free bottle of polish remover! How do I get nail polish out of fabric?!
- NARS' "universally flattering blush" shade in Orgasm is definitely not that flattering on me. But I tried on Sin and I absolutely LOVE it!!!! It will look amazing on complexions NC25 and below.
- Do not ever overdo the Urban Decay Primer Potion and Make Up Forever HD Powder around the eyes, thinking it will help keep eyeliner/mascara from smearing. You'll look like your eyes were dipped in white paste in photos.
- Was deceived into thinking Kam Man market (on Canal St, between Mott and Mulberry) in Chinatown would be less expensive for Asian snacks than M2M on 3rd Ave and 11th St. Kam Man also smells like fish. Go to M2M.
- TKettle (on St. Marks Street) makes way better jasmine green boba tea than Saint's Alp (3rd Ave and 9th St). It's also cheaper. I am never going back to Saint's Alp again.
- I went to Minca and tried their Pork Shoyu Ramen. Best. Ramen. Ever. It's on 5th St. between Ave. A and B.
- Macchiato cafe on 44th St. and Lexington is ridiculously overpriced and overhyped. They don't make pocket coffees (cost only $1) anymore. WHAT?! There is no bathroom. They slapped my $10 prosciutto sandwich together in two seconds and didn't even heat the ciabatta bread. -_-
- Don't go to Momofuku. The "Asian" food is ridiculously overpriced and way too salty. I wonder if they're secretly using MSG.
- I've gone through three mega sized boxes of Pocky already :-( Must restock!


Diane said...

What an experience! Pockys are YUMMY but I run out of it sooo fast so I don't even bother to buy it. It's more like children treats for my baby sisters.

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

your trip sounds so great! :)