Saturday, November 15, 2008

Product Updates - Skinfood Mushroom Multicare BB Cream SPF 20, Estee Lauder Idealist Refinisher

Every so often, I will do a review on the products I've already reviewed before if there's been any changes. Since our skin can change with the seasons, or whatever products we use, this will help you make an informed decision.

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Remember when I reviewed the Skinfood BB Creams awhile back?

If you read my entry, you'll remember I didn't like the Skinfood BB Cream at all. The color spheres didn't spread out on my skin...they sat on top of my dry patches, they creased and gathered in certain spots, and the product wouldn't mix very well with moisturizer. The bb cream just looked gross. I was ready to throw it out--but I didn't.

Well, as I've been taking care of my skin more lately--drinking tons of fluids, cleansing and toning properly, moisturizing, and using Estee Lauder's Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher, my oily/dry combination skin has improved so much! My skin is regulated and balanced now. My forehead and nose actually DON'T get oily after washing. For the first time, I can wear thicker moisturizers on my T-zone and chin! This is very exciting.

Well, now that my skin has improved, and my skin type has moved into the "normal" category, I started reaching for the Skinfood BB Cream again. And I must say, having good skin makes all the difference with how makeup will turn out. I've been applying the Skinfood bb cream around my nose and under my eyes to reduce darkness, on my chin, and I am not seeing the spheres settle or oxidize anywhere! And since my skin doesn't get oily anymore, the color stays in place all day.

So, once again, I have to rave about Estee Lauder's Idealist. If you have combination or oily skin, I highly recommend you try out this product. You might not like it at first--since it does have this sort of silicon/primer texture to it, your skin will feel slippery and oily to the touch after application. This just means that the product is doing its work, and penetrating your pores to get the oil out. If you experience this discomfort, I suggest you start by using this product as part of your night time skincare regimen. Wear it to sleep alone, and if you need more moisture, apply some cream on top. Make sure you cleanse and tone thoroughly so the Idealist can absorb better into your skin. If you see results, then you can work your way to also using it during the day under your makeup, so you maximize its efficacy. If you exfoliate your skin regularly, it's great to use this product, since it aids in improving skin texture and cell turnover by eliminating the dead skin.

As for the Skinfood Mushroom BB Cream, I would only recommend this to ladies who have normal or dry skin types. However, don't use it if you have flakey dry skin as it will cling to all your dry patches. As always, make sure to wear your regular sunscreen, primer, or both underneath to give the bb cream a smooth canvas. This way, your skin will look more natural and flawless.

I received the Clarisonic brush last Tuesday, so I'll be updating on that in a couple of days. I intend to give you readers weekly updates on that, so stay tuned!

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