Sunday, November 9, 2008

Japanese Cult Fashion - H&M collaborates with Comme des Garçons

I take a break from my reviewing to address the new H&M and Comme des Garçons collaboration.

Rei Kawakubo, renowned designer and brains behind the Japanese brand, has created a series of black and white, deconstructed outfits wearable to work or play.

Yesterday, the debut of the collaboration in Harajuku, Tokyo saw over 2,000 fashion forward shoppers stream into the new store. Many had camped outside the store as early as Wednesday in six hour shifts, braving rain and cold to purchase from Kawakubo's collection.

The collection will be available to US shoppers on November 13th. I was perusing the outfits on H&M's nifty little mannequin display. Definitely loving the frilled collared shirts, the deconstructed black jackets, the gothic lolita dress, and the oversized riding pants...I'll hopefully have time to stop at the Newbury store this weekend to check it out! Warning, though: customers are only allowed to purchase 2 per style per item, to prevent any greedies from clearing out the store's stock! :)

Speaking of collaborations, I'm so excited that Alexander McQueen will be launching a line at Target come spring. Eek! Time to start saving your pennies in that dusty piggy bank!

sources: H&M and WWD.

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