Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Clarisonic Skin Care Brush - Week 2

I'm on week two of using the Clarisonic! I actually don't see dramatic improvement in my skin from the first week. Like I speculated, my skin might have plateaued. I might even be nearing "that" time of the month since I got two little pink/red pimples on my forehead, which means that the Clarisonic can only treat your skin from the outside, but you still have to take care of your health for great skin. Aside from those two zits and a clogged pore on my nose I can't get rid of, my skin is just fine.

My skin is continuing to absorb whatever I apply on it very well. As we're getting into winter, I've had to change my moisturizer since my skin was becoming very dry. If I wash my face with the Clarisonic and I don't tone and moisturize immediately, my skin does feel a bit tight. However, the Clarisonic is not hurting my face anymore, which is a good thing. I usually repeat moving it over my forehead, t-zone, nose, upper lip, and chin, but not on my cheeks. I still have it set on the one minute setting. I wasn't able to use it last night or this morning, though, since the charge ran out, so right now I'm letting it sit in the cradle for a full 24 hours to see if that improves the battery life. Last time, when I charged it for about 5 hours, the charge only lasted about 5 days. I've never had a product that has required this much time to charge (I get annoyed waiting for my camera, phone, or ipod to finish charging, and that typically takes 3 hours) so this is something Clarisonic should probably think about fixing.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the states!

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Emily said...

Wow!! It's nice thing for skincare!! I'll try this!!