Saturday, January 10, 2009

Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder

As you all know by now, I'm obsessed with skincare. My mom used to say, "if you don't have the natural basics, you can only do so much with makeup." (Though she used much cruder words, haha!) So to me, it's important to have a good canvas to work with.

If you read my resolutions, you also know I'm angling to look more or less the same with or without makeup. I'm so used to wearing makeup that I feel self-conscious and unattractive without it. You ever wonder what those girls who are never without a pound of eyeliner or foundation
really look like? If they have boyfriends, do they feel self-conscious during sleepovers? (I guess Bare Escentuals thought about this one.) Do people wear makeup even at the gym? (Personally, I would never wear makeup to the can't be good if you're sweating. The heat opens up your pores, the makeup gets trapped in them along with all that sweat and dirt and oil....gross.)

The best make up, in my opinion, is applied so lightly it looks like your own skin because it's enhancing, not covering or masking, what you've already got. And you want it to be good for your skin too, as it blocks out pollution and toxins from seeping into your face.

The Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder seemed like the perfect product for what I'm working towards.
Sold exclusively at Sephora, it is a 100% mineral, silica powder (read: talc and paraben free) that imparts a soft lens focus on skin, diffusing light so you look naturally flawless and radiant. Because of the soft focus properties, the HD powder "softens the appearance of imperfections, sets foundation, and mattifies the skin without changing its natural contours." I was sold at this point! A translucent and colorless powder...if anyone asks, of course I'm not actually wearing makeup!

At 0.35 oz for $30, it's somewhat pricey. However, the beauty of mineral makeup is that you only use a little bit at a time for a lot of coverage, as you ladies may already be aware. Plus, since it's a powder, you don't really need to worry about it expiring. So, it seemed like a good investment.

I actually purchased the limited edition combination set which came with the same 0.35 oz powder and a mini synthetic kabuki brush. I didn't have a good kabuki brush already, and I had been looking for a synthetic brush, so the set was perfect.

If you look at the above picture closely, you can see that there are about four to five holes punched out in the sifter. Though the holes are very small, the powder can get everywhere and be very messy to use. Be VERY careful about how you store this product. After I peeled off the plastic sticker, I found that the powder was very hard to tap into the cap. Also, when I set the jar back onto my dresser, little sprays of silica powder would disperse into the air from the slightest force. The best thing to do is either put your powder brush over the sifter as you're setting the jar down, so the brush catches the silica powder, or just capping the jar before putting it down.

Also, if you travel and you want to take this with you, make sure you put tape or some kind of sticker over the sifter holes before you toss it into your makeup. When I took this on my flight, I didn't bother with that and the powder got everywhere inside the cap. This now makes the application somewhat annoying, but I'm not too heartbroken over it (though I'm waiting for the inevitable event where I knock the jar over and spill silica everywhere).

My gripes about the product end here. The only thing I dislike is the actual packaging. The product itself is amazing and this jar will last me forever. Unlike normal mineral makeup, you only need the TINIEST smidgen to set your entire face and neck. It's easier to gauge how much of the HD powder you're using if your powder brush is black or dark grey. I would recommend using a clean, soft brush everytime you use this product, rather than the same brush you use to apply your mineral makeup, to ensure the silica goes on smoothly. Since it is a finishing powder you can apply it on top of your mineral makeup.

For the best results:
Tap the jar maybe once into the cap, there should be barely any HD powder in the cap. Swish your kabuki brush into the cap in a clockwise motion. Look at your brush--if the color of the bristles hasn't changed at all, you can add another tap into the cap and repeat. You have enough of the HD powder on your brush when the product is almost indiscernible on the bristles. Then very lightly buff all over your face and neck in a circular motion. Your skin should look instantly matte and soft.

I read a lot of reviews where people are complaining that this product makes their face look pasty and white. This is only because they're applying way too much. Less really is more.

This powder does not break me out or clog my pores, but it keeps my makeup looking fresh and matte all day. My skin does not get oily at all. I totally recommend this for people with combination or oily skin.
If you have dry patches, this product probably isn't for you. Like any powder, it will cling to scabs and flakes. If you have combination dry skin, I would suggest only applying it on your oily areas.
Unfortunately, since I do not have wrinkles or fine lines, I cannot attest to how well this product conceals or diminishes them.

If you want to check this out at your nearest Sephora, I definitely recommend bringing your own face powder brush. You'll probably get a couple weird looks for whipping a brush out of your purse, but it's better to be sanitary than sorry! If you don't own a soft kabuki brush, keep in mind that the results of this product highly depend on the tool you use, so you should definitely consider purchasing one. I do not recommend using a buffer brush, since it will concentrate the product too much in one area.


fuzkittie said...

Great review! This product definitely has my heart~~ :D

Anonymous said...

You can just sprinkle a small amount into a dish and use it that. Trying to use the lid is too messy and its too small. As for the product you can get the same stuff at Joppa Minerals or Lumiere and refill it for way cheaper.