Sunday, January 4, 2009

Anastasia Mini Brow Kit

I bought this Anastasia Mini Brow Kit recently since my tweezers were becoming blunt and I needed new ones asap. This kit looked super cute and it's also a pretty good deal ($25!). Besides the mini tweezers, you also get a mini "Matte Camille Highlighter (0.1 oz.)," and "Clear Brow Gel (0.04 oz.)."

The tweezers work pretty well, but since they're tiny, they're not always effective. You might want to keep them for your purse or trips. On the other hand, I love the pencil highlighter. It goes on super smooth and creamy, and the color is a great mixture of nude and pink. I dab it on the inner corners of my eyes and blend with my finger, and my eyes look instantly brighter. It's also great on the brow bone and around the arch. I love that it has no shimmer so it's not obvious on my skin.

I actually haven't tried the clear brow gel yet since I haven't used up my clear mascara, but I've read pretty good reviews on it. You can check out the reviews on Sephora for more information.

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