Monday, June 1, 2009

Caudalie Pulpe Vitaminee 1st Wrinkle Serum

I bought this recently to try out because my skin is really craving hydration, and I wanted to try some anti-aging products. It retails for $59 and is 1 fl oz. You can buy it at Sephora or on the Caudalie website.

This serum is advertised as being "full of anti-oxidants" and is supposed "to fight the early/first signs of aging." The website says that it contains beneficial ingredients such as: stabilized grape-seed polyphenols (an anti-oxidant), plant biovector (anti-wrinkle), hyaluronic acid (moisturizing), fern (lifting), ginger, ginseng, royal jelly, echinacea (all energizing), and orange pulp scent, like freshly squeezed orange with a zest of carrot and iris butter (for scent?). Since it had so many amazing ingredients I decided to give it a try even though I don't have any wrinkles (yet...never hurts to prevent).

The bottle is very light and I think the packagin is quite pretty. One things I did notice was that the plastic cap kept falling off in my makeup bag when I brought my toiletries with me to camp out in the college buildings overnight, so that was annoying. Though the serum didn't get everywhere, it's definitely not a travel safe product!

One of the first things I immediately noticed about this serum was its scent. It smells exactly like Japanese green grape bubblegum, the kind you find in Asian markets in little packs or balls. Since I have loved that smell since I was a kid, I was seized by a savage instinct to eat it (but I controlled myself!). It looks like a very thin and watery, white moisturizer, and the texture feels also like a very light, fluid moisturizer rather than a serum. Unlike normal serums, which have a sticky after-effect, after smoothing it over your face, it instantly silkens or "mattifies" to your skin. Your skin feels very smooth and you don't have a leftover film of moisturizer on your skin. This serum is designed to be used during the mornings, but I apply it both at night and in the morning, hoping to get the maximum effect.

As for the results, to be quite honest, I didn't see much difference in my skin. There were no immediate results; my skin didn't feel much tighter or lifted, it didn't look brighter, didn't help or worsen my acne or pores...just didn't do much of anything! To be fair, it might've helped with my dryness a bit, this product is definitely not moisturizing enough on its own to really produce any positive results.

I will try to get up another Caudalie review this week, but things are still a little crazy with my upcoming graduation, so no guarantees :-) I've missed you all!


MiuMiu said...

i'm sad to hear you didn't notice great results..and for $60!

fuzkittie said...

Great review, I felt the same way about this one. It didn't do much of anything but it doesn't feel bad.. hahaha. You should totally try the Beautymaker Facial Lift Contour serum!! I loooove it! :D

eri said...

I agree with you too!

Kaylyn said...

I too need to try some anti-aging products.!! I will visit Sephora to get that serum.

Anonymous said...

The Made from Earth Vitamin Enhanced MOISTURIZER is everything it is claimed to be! It completely turned the problems I was having with my skin around! Warning, though...IT IS STRONG! Be sure to consider the skin type you have and only "baby step" into the strength of this product.

I recommend using a little at a time - because thats all you really need and it spreads well. Literally, with one application of the Made from Earth Moisturzer (Vitamin Enhanced), my skin felt different...AWESOME! It did make me peel like a snake skin though. I think I "over did" at first. I can see such a difference in my skin texture, smaller pores, completely cleared any problem areas I was having and I can see such a reduction in wrinkles already.

I will definitely continue using this made from earth product.I use it about twice weekly right now. I use the Green Tea Toxin Cleanser before I moisturze. I LOVE IT, TOO!