Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bliss Peeling Groovy Serum

(OK, I know I should be working, but in my defense I typed up most of this review before finals anyway, hehe)

I have found my new holy grail exfoliant serum!

1 ounce costs $65...I almost cried when I purchased it, haha. Luckily, Bliss.com was doing a promotion in February where you received a full size Love Handler for free with any purchase which persuaded me.

You can purchase this at Bliss or Sephora. It comes in a thick glass bottle with a sturdy plastic pump. I hate products with crappy pumps, and I actually like that it's in glass because that means I can store the product longer (plastic packaging = chemicals leeching into your product and shorter shelf life).

I always assumed Bliss skincare products weren't effective because the ingredients never impressed me, but this product makes me understand why they have such a cult following. My former holy grail serum Estee Lauder Idealist stopped working for me early in 2009 (I think my skin became tolerant to it) so I was desperately looking for a similar product.

My skin was immediately glowing upon the first application and it looks absolutely flawless. I'm even brave enough to go outside with no concealer, foundation, or powder. My cheeks are also naturally blushing. Amazing!

This has helped all my other skincare products work better. Before I finished my Clinique Derma White products, I could definitely see the difference the Peeling Groovy Serum made. In only a couple weeks, my skin already looked brighter and lighter than usual. As someone who has tried the Clarisonic in the past, which similarly claims to make all your skincare products absorb more and thus work better, I say ditch the Clarisonic and just buy this if you didn't think the Clarisonic was anything special either. The Clarisonic didn't minimize or clean my pores as promised, but this stuff really works.

Unfortunately, the downside to this product is that it stings a lot when you first apply it to your skin for about a minute. Oily skinned, non-sensitive types may not feel anything, but I don't even have particularly sensitive skin and I definitely felt a burning sensation when I first started using it. At the time, I had super congested skin. Now, my skin has calmed down a lot and I don't feel any pain or burning at all. However, in the words of Singaporean blogger Xiaxue, to me the sting is "tolerable for beauty's sake," but I understand some people may not have as high a pain threshold as I do.

This product is not intended to moisturize. After properly cleansing and toning your skin, I smooth a couple squirts onto my entire face and neck, avoiding the eye area. A little goes a long way. Make sure you wait 3-5 minutes before applying any other skincare products, like serums, moisturizers, or creams. I think eye creams are fine to apply as you wait since you're not applying the Peeling Groovy Serum on your eye area. When I first started using this, I had no idea I was supposed to wait before applying moisturizer, but I still saw a difference in the texture and vibrancy of my skin. I do think it's important to wait a little bit, but if your skin starts feeling tight because the water that was absorbed while cleansing your face disappears, go ahead and apply your lotion; exfoliation is important, but hydration is even more so.

I first started using this product around that "time of month" and it did dry my skin out pretty badly. My skin has improved so much lately, and I hardly need to use this anymore. I'll probably only whip it out once every two weeks, or when I feel my face breaking out. Since my skin is doing so much better lately, it seems unnecessary for me to use this all the time. In the event that my skin does start acting up again (which will inevitably happen), I will update you and let you know how well this works then. But though this product costs $65, I have a feeling I won't even be done with my ounce bottle after a year.

This product has really piqued my interest in some other Bliss products I hope to add to my medicine cabinet eventually, like the Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Face Mask. Do you folks have any other Bliss recommendations? Let me know!


fuzkittie said...

Interesting product.. Bliss's products are hit or miss imo..

ning * star said...

aw, i scared burning sensation.. thank goodness it works <3

Devan Geselle said...

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Soapaholic said...

This sounds interesting. I'm eyeing what I think is a similar product from Clinique, the Turnaround Instant Facial. I have breakout prone skin so I think exfoliants like this will work for me.:) Sadly this one's too expensive, and not easily accessible for me.:( Thank you for this review! I've back-read a lot of your entries and I found all of them very helpful and informative.:) Looking forward to reading more reviews from you!^_^

MiuMiu said...

i've never tried bliss products but this sounds great, although i wouldn't spend $65 on it.
have you seen beautyqq's review of it on youtube? it's so funny the way she did her vid XD

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

interesting review... so exfoliating in a serum form???

i have just bought the triple oxygen mask! should arrive on weds since i miss the post yday lol.

thanks for joining in the giveaway fun :)

anti-wrinkle cream said...

In my skin I have wrinkles and I want to try natural methods but am afraid they wouldn’t be strong enough to ward off aging. Please recommend me the best anti-wrinkle cream.

Anonymous said...

Try Peter Thomas Roth 10% Glycolic serum...its an exfoliating AND hydrating gel/serum that ROCKS! It works well for any age.
I use it nightly underneath my Korres yogurt cream (another amazing find!) and wake up to smoooth skin!