Thursday, October 1, 2009

RoC Multi-Correxion Update

Hi everyone! I'm so sorry for neglecting this blog. I've started working (unpaid, sadly) and my hours are so hectic that I am deadbeat by the time I get home every day. I will try to update more often (I know I keep saying this) so please continue to stop by!

Anyway, I wanted to give a little update on my experience with RoC Multi-Correxion products since I last wrote the previous review. During the initial stages, after I purchased the Skin Renewing Serum, I used the product basically every day until my skin started feeling a little dehydrated and sensitive. As you may or may not remember, I was using it daily because the one time I stopped initially, the tiny fine lines under my eyes came back. So I wanted to really give my skin more time to reap its effects.

However, what I didn't realize until after I wrote my first review was how terribly drying daily RoC use became for my skin. After about 3 weeks of daily use, I developed massive peeling and flakiness on my neck, and my skin burned every time I applied product to it after cleansing. I had no choice but to gently exfoliate and patiently apply a moisturizing serum and cream to my skin every night. I also had to temporarily switch sunscreens, since my normal one dries matte so it can be drying. During this time, I did not completely stop using RoC--I probably applied it at night either once or twice a week.

Now, my skin has completely recovered, and it has definitely experienced lasting improvements. When I stop using RoC for a couple of days, my skin, especially around my eyes, still looks well rested, plump, and creaseless. Thus, I definitely do think that using RoC or products with retinol can afford you REAL results, not just a temporary allusion.

So, with this I conclude that RoC Multi-Correxion is definitely a wonderful product-line to add into your skincare regimen. However, be sure to proceed with caution. I was overeager when I saw the good results and used the products too frequently at first, and wound up irritating and drying out my skin. If you have oily, non-sensitive skin, you are probably lucky in that you don't need to acclimate your skin to retinol first. However, for everyone else, make sure you start out slow with RoC--even if it means it'll take a longer time before you see any results.


Beauty Basics said...

Thank you for sharing your personal experience with Retinol product. I have heard about the good things about this product, however, your review gives me some extra information that is very relevant to my sensitive skin.

kawaiikao said...

i found out from a forum and the girl's friend works there :]

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